What is the Senior Class Giving Campaign?

The Senior Class Giving Campaign exists to educate seniors on the crucial need for private donations to the University of Mount Olive while also encouraging them to begin their support of the university. This giving opportunity happens with the help of the Senior Class Giving Committee who reach out to students and encourage them to give back to whichever department, program, or organization had a major influence on their life at UMO.

This year's campaign is centered around $6.17, which is the amount of money that was in the bank account when Mount Olive Junior College was established in 1951. Although our founders had little money, they were rich in faith, motivation, and dedication! That spirit of determination is what has made the University of Mount Olive the success it is today. This amount signifies the courage and sacrifice that has been made to translate the vision of a college into reality. Your senior class gift of $6.17 will be a testament to your positive experience at UMO and your willingness to pay it forward for current and future students. 

Why should I give?

Think about your time at UMO.

Your first semester at a freshmen dinner with President Philip Kerstetter and First Lady, Mary or catching up with President Kerstetter around campus, weekly Chapel Services, or an athletic game … Do you see where this is going?

Now take that experience and think about it what it means to you now as a senior. Your tuition alone does not cover your educational cost which means the University of Mount Olive could not survive on tuition alone.

Just as college tuition is an investment in yourself; your gift is an investment in the University of Mount Olive. Without donations in addition to tuition, current students wouldn’t have the abundance of resources and delivery of several programs. Private donations also support and sustain the University of Mount Olive experiences, helping prepare you and your classmates to become enduring learners and productive global citizens. 

What should I give to?

Make a thoughtful gift to, well, just about anything. You have the ability to choose from hundreds of designations around campus. You can select anything from student scholarships to athletics, specific majors, and specific departments. Simply choose where your gift could make the greatest difference and donate to that area.


For questions, contact Brooke Bitzenhofer, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations at bbitzenhofer@umo.edu or Melinda Holland, Director of the Annual Fund at mholland@umo.edu.